Upclose: Kumari Govender

Kumari Govender: influencer, tastemaker, fashion entrepreneur, the creative strategist behind Style Society™, and the Haute Edit curator of style. But what makes her tick?

She has been widely interviewed about her distinctive wardrobe, coveted for her canny ability to predict market trends. So we posed a set of questions to find out a little more about one of South Africa’s most influential fashion insiders.

I am happiest when…
I am spending time with my husband, two adorable pugs and my family.

I am inspired by…
Knowledge and the distinctive alchemy of art, travel and architecture has always been a huge inspiration for me.

My design philosophy is…
Modern maximalism and an exploration of curiosity with a soulful yet progressive approach.

The item on top of my lust list is…

My current goal is…
To balance my offline and online life by being mindful and connected to the present moment. The culture of constant connection and digital noise makes it all too easy to fall into this pattern of feeling stuck on ‘autopilot’ all day. Practicing mindfulness has taught me to pause and reflect and be in the moment.

My favorite quote is…
“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

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